The personal safety and health of each and every employee, independent contractor, and the public are of the utmost importance to Manny's Bulk Express, Inc.

Our goal is simple: To have zero crashes and on-the-job injuries while meeting and exceeding the regulatory compliance requirements.

As an organization, we are dedicated to maintaining safety and health programs that conform to the best practices of the industry. Through training, the elimination of unsafe work practices, and the investigation of each crash or on-the-job injury to discovering the root cause, our safety goal can be achieved. Employees at all levels are charged with the responsibility to ensure each member of the organization works together to promote an incident-free work environment.

We believe the key to our success is education and training. Throughout an employee’s career, we promote many opportunities to improve the knowledge and skills of our driving professionals.

A major part of the success of the organization is attributed to safety. No task is so important, that we cannot take the time to handle it in a safe and efficient manner, while complying with all safety rules and regulations.

Teamwork and cooperation will continue to be why we achieve outstanding results.

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